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Homeownership Is Social Justice

“Homeownership needs to be a policy priority for anyone concerned with graduation rates, crime or poverty in the state.” – Daniel Macdonald, PHD., Assistant Professor of Economics, CSU San Bernardino

Researchers at California State University, San Bernardino’s Department of Economics recently published “California Homeownership and Sociocultural Factors,” a study on the effects. The study found, increased homeownership in minority groups has a positive effect on high school graduation rates. This implies that increased homeownership among minorities could improve economic opportunities for these communities. California is not building affordable new homes fast enough to meet the growing demand of the state’s population, some residents must rent or are even forced to move out of the state.

The WIN Project is looking to provide the solution to this major problem. We believe in equality for all to be housed, that no human should have to Live on the streets or tents. Help us move to toward helping are communities realize this dream.

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The California Supreme Court today issued a partial stay that halts the dismantling of California’s redevelopment agencies. The stay is in response to a lawsuit, California Redevelopment Association. v. Matosantos, which challenges the validity of eliminating the redevelopment agencies. Under the order, redevelopment agencies are still barred from incurring new indebtedness, transferring assets, acquiring real property, entering into new contracts or modifying existing contracts, entering into new partnerships, adopting or amending redevelopment plans and other activities. The court announced that it will hear the lawsuit as early as possible in 2011 and that it will issue an opinion prior to January 15, 2012.